The Karate Clerk: Fighting Crime One Kick At A Time

While surfing the internet reading my morning news the other day, I, like most of you by now, came across the video of the “Karate Clerk.” Mayura Dissanayake is an MMA fighter and convenient store clerk, out of Houston. He stopped a couple of would be robbers from stealing his store’s deposit money with a couple swift kicks and punches to their heads. The robbers attacked Dissanayake’s co-worker in the parking lot. When he noticed, he sprung into action like a real life super hero. Dissanayake was kicking ass all over the parking lot, causing one of the robbers to flee while the other laid there sleeping. He was getting some rest before the arresting officers arrived on the scene. The video posted by KPRC Houston has gone viral, showing up on many websites such as TMZ. Even Dana White said he “loved it” when asked if he had seen the video. He is being called a hero, and rightfully so. He put his personal safety on the line for a friend and now is an internet sensation. After seeing this story, I reached out to Dissanayke to get his take on the attempted robbery where he served a little justice, one soccer kick at a time. When you woke up that morning did you have any idea that you would be kicking ass at work that day?

Mayura Dissanayake: Not really, it was kind of a slow day for me and I was getting ready for a weekend vacation. I had no idea that I would face somebody like this, but luckily I wore my shorts, it really helped me to kick freely. How many other guys asses have you kicked while at work?

Dissanayake: None, I had some fights in the street while I was living in Los Angeles, like people jumped me and tried to steal my stuff. It was pretty bad out there so I had a few fights, but it was always more than one guy. Tell us about your fighting history.

Dissanayake: When I was a kid, I always looked up to my older brother. He is a talented fighter and started doing Chinese Sanda, so I started doing it as well. I started when I was 12 years old and had a lot of fights. I was the national champion for more than 5 years, I participated in the Wushu World Championship and South Asian Games; I won third place in the South Asian Games and I also did some boxing and wrestling; so after a while I wanted to do MMA. A group of our Wushu fighters got together and started an MMA club and had a few fights locally, that’s how I got into MMA. I love the sport and I want to make it to the top, that has always been my ultimate dream. What gym do you train out of?

Dissanayake: I train under Coach Saul Soliz at Metro Fight Club, and I know it’s the best gym in Houston. I’ve been to so many other gyms but they never recognized my skills; I like my team, we push each other to the limit and I have my brother training with me as well. Is the name “Karate Clerk” okay with you, or would you prefer a different nickname?

Dissanayake: That name sounds funny and I have no Karate background, I would prefer “MMA Clerk”. Tell me who would win in a street fight, the Karate Clerk of the Karate Kid?

Dissanayake: (Laughing) I think it’s pretty obvious, I don’t think I even have to answer that. It would never be easy fighting an MMA fighter in the street. I noticed in the clip from the news, that you were shadow boxing in the store. Is this a common thing? Can customers expect to see you shadow boxing next to the cappuccino machine while getting their morning coffee?

Dissanayake: Yes, pretty much every morning. I always think about the previous sparring sessions and stuff we did and try to correct my mistakes. All day long I watch MMA fights and learn new stuff. By now the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times, has been reported on national news, and Dana White eve mentioned it. How big of an honor was it to be featured on such a prestigious website as

Dissanayake: is a website I look at every morning, I was shocked to see myself there. I couldn’t believe it when people said I had made the site, that is something I will never forget. Did anyone actually yell out, “Worldstar!” after you kicked that guy in the head?

Dissanayake: Actually, no one was there to scream “worldstar,” it was pretty much just us and the robbers. Were there any words exchanged between you and the robbers while all this was going on?

Dissanayake: Yeah, one of the guys was like, “Wassup? Wassup?” I was just shaking my head and asking him to bring it on, but he ran away instead. What was more satisfying, kicking that guy in the face or hitting that guy with a shoe?

Dissanayake: Kicking the guy in the face was more satisfying than anything else, but there was an actually reason for me to throw the shoe. I thought the guy had a gun when he came back from the SUV, it was just instincts to distract him until I could figure out how to get close to him. After I threw the shoe though, I saw his hands were empty. The guy you threw the shoe at looked like he was going to square up with you for a second, and then decided to get in the car and leave. What would have happened if he would have stayed?

Dissanayake: If he would have come any closer I would have knocked him out. I was just waiting with my overhand right-cross for him to throw the left, even if he would have survived the cross I would have kicked him in the face anyways. He was smart to run away. Where do you think that guy’s friends went?

Dissanayake: Pretty sure they drove somewhere far from here. They knew cops would be coming soon so they took off. The other guy got kicked in the face too so I don’t think he was completely fine, I think he was kind of wobbling back to the car. Can we expect to see you back in the cage soon or will you continue on with fighting crime?

Dissanayake: Actually, I am fighting alongside my brother and some other teammates, August 23rd for Muay Thai Kingdom at The Bayou City Event Center. Fighting is what I like to do, it’s the most exciting sport in the world. But if I see something wrong and I have to do this again, I would not hesitate even a bit. Anything you want to tell those guys, or any other guys that are thinking about doing the same thing?

Dissanayake: Work for your money and be honest. You can’t always get away with doing bad stuff. Once you come across someone like me, you’re done!

The word is out criminals! Keep your dirty, thieving hands, away from this guy if you are a fan of your teeth.

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Video courtesy of KPRC Houston

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