Brittany Anne Robertson Welcomes Legacy Back to Austin

This Saturday at The Naturally Fit Expo in Austin, TX, Legacy will be promoting Legacy Amateur Series 17. Austin’s own Brittany Anne Robertson, will be there to welcome Houston fighter, Elizabeth Palacios, to the state’s capital. Robertson is coming off of a dominating TKO victory in her MMA debut, and is looking to stay undefeated in her second fight. I caught up with Brittany to find out more about the aggressive fighter, and how she sees the fight with Palacios going. Where do you train and how long have you been training?

Brittany Anne Robertson: I train primarily at Austin Kickboxing Academy. I started training in kickboxing about 7 years ago, then added BJJ about two years later. While AKA is my main gym, I also attend Gracie Humaita Austin for BJJ, and Gravity FC for wrestling. What do you do outside of fighting?

Robertson: I don’t do much outside of fighting to be honest, I’m an introvert. I spend a lot of time at home, and training is fun. So I guess that’s kind of what I do for fun as well. Other than fighting, I go to movies, watch anime, I love to cook, and have a side job as an art model for various groups and schools around Austin. What do you know about your opponent, Elizabeth Palacios?

Robertson: I don’t know anything about Elizabeth, other than she is 1-0 and trains in Houston. You have an amateur boxing background as well correct?

Robertson: I do have an amateur boxing record. Early on, when I first started training, I decided that my intention was to compete, so I’ve always taken training seriously. When The Golden Gloves came back to Austin in 2009, my current coach Randy Vera, jokingly asked me if I wanted to do it. There weren’t the abundance of opportunities for MMA or Muay Thai as there are now, so boxing was a way I could compete. I jumped on it. After that, I competed in the next two GG tournaments and did alright. I have a 2-1 boxing record so far. Would you say you prefer to keep a fight standing, or do you mind going down to the mat?

Robertson: I like standing, I love kicking. I started out kickboxing so that’s my first love. I would not mind at all going to the ground though. I’ve since caught the BJJ bug too, and it’s very gratifying to manhandle someone into submission. You completely dominated your first fight. Does that give you a little confidence boost going into this fight?

Robertson: Actually, the effect was the opposite. While I did dominate the fight, she probably shouldn’t have been matched up with me. So something I pondered early on was: Did I win because I know how to fight? Or did I win because she apparently didn’t? Despite dominating her, there were many things I didn’t do correctly, or could have done better that I’m keeping on my mind going into this fight. The main one that my coaches and others iinformed me about after (laughs), was not following her to the ground after dropping her. My boxing conditioning had kicked in at that point, and I stepped back waiting for the ref to do something after I kneed her, never again. What’s going through your head right before the fight starts?

Robertson: It’s time to go. Breathe. Don’t stop. What’s next for you after this fight?

Robertson: Ideally after this, Muay Thai in Houston on August 23rd! Kickboxing is where I started so I’m super excited about fighting Muay Thai. MMA is fun, but I really enjoy concentrating on one discipline at a time, and there are many more opportunities for kicking when you don’t have to worry about getting taken down. Any plans to do more boxing?

Robertson: Since I met my boxing coach, Coach Charles, I’ve discovered a love and respect for that discipline all on it’s own. I’d love to do more boxing, along with Muay Thai and MMA, but the women’s boxing scene is so small and in keeping up with my other disciplines (and full-time job) there’s little time. The plan is to segue into pro boxing at some point. Anything you would like to say to your opponent?

Robertson: Let’s do it! And let’s get Fight of the Night while we’re at it. Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Robertson: I would like to thank my coaches and teammates at Austin Kickboxing Academy, Gracie Humiata Austin, and at Gravity FC. I would also like to thank everyone who’s supported me and talked me through when I’ve been super low (they know who they are), and those who see the best in me even when I doubted myself. I am honored to have your love and support, and will prove myself worthy of all of in on Saturday.

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