Bayou Throwdown Hybrid Card (August 23, 2014)

Savarese Promotions and Muay Thai Kingdom returns to Houston with an amateur hybrid fight card. There will be both MMA and muay thai action that night.

The last Muay Thai Kingdom card was postponed indefinitely, so this will be the first time since Muay Thai Kingdom 1, that Houston as seen some muay thai action. There will be two North American Muay Thai Federation titles on the line as well.

The MMA side of the card looks interesting as well. It’s shaping up to be Metro vs. Everyone Else. As of now, there are six MMA fights to round out the 15 fight card.

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

Muay Thai

MT 140 NAMTF Title – Jennifer Guerrero (Revolution) vs Caressa Kibler (Team SudYod)

MMA 170 – Mayora Dissanayake (Metro) vs Jaime Garcia (BushiBan)

MT 110 NAMTF Title – Bebe Laced (4oz) vs Gabbi Maxwell

MT 160 – Nethaneel Mongonia(Revolution) vs Kebba Marenah (TeamSudYod)

MMA 145 – Matthew Longoria (Metro) vs Donovan Carrasco (AthleticLab)

MT 165 – Joel Haesecke vs Gregory Sanzo (Revolution)

MMA 135 – Steven Vera (Metro) vs Jonathon Villareal (BushiBan)

MT 147 – Oliver Jimenez (Muay Thai Corner) vs Robert Bailey (Team Tooke Cypress)

MMA 155 – Eric Charalambous (Metro) vs David Kelly (The Fight Lab)

MMA 170 – Rasika Dissanayake (Metro) vs Paul Garza (Team Tooke)

MT 165 – Jeremy Milbourn (Team Tooke) vs Elliott Bush (Paradigm)

MMA 125 – Elezar Escareno (Metro) vs Jacob Norsworthy (Bloodline MMA)

MT 140 – Tue Salianekham (Garland) vs Alex Chhang (4oz)

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