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Every few weeks, MikeTheTruth.com will profile a young lady who is making a mark in the world that revolves around her. This could be in modeling, entertainment or any other professional industry.

Age: 26
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Place of Birth: Brownsville, TX (Current Residence: McAllen, TX)
Height: 5’5 1/2

Favorite Sport(s): Basketball, Football, Baseball, Boxing & MMA
Profession: Bartender, Promo Model, Sales Manager

Aimee is currently the lead promo model on her team, The RGV Canvas Dolls. Recently, Aimee has been a Tecate & Corona ring girl for Telefutura & ESPN 2 boxing events. She enjoys anything sports related including the sales aspect of it. When Aimee gets some free time, she loves to paint. She considers herself an artist. Aimee’s main focus in life is being a mother to her two daughters & graduating college. In a year, God willing, Aimee will have a degree in deaf studies.

Aimee is participating in Inked Magazine’s Tattooed Girls Model Search. Go to her profile and vote!

You can Follow Aimee on Twitter @sweetadena. You can check out Aimee’s art work on her artist Facebook page, Aralyn Marie Paintings… LIKE it. You can also check out the RGV Canvas Dolls page and LIKE it too.

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  • Hey there. I was just googling stuff about the rgV this appeared. Its aldo. Hope you remember me. How are you doing Aimee?

  • Love the page learned a lot about u sounds like ur really going places good luck on everything u do not that u need it

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