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A good friend of mine, Barry Laminack of The Complete Science, recently made a blog post discussing the difference between apples to oranges… I mean MMA to Boxing, sorry. He made very good points and used a great sports analogy. One interesting point I would like to make about the subject is this; it seems that out of all combat sports, Boxing and MMA are the two that go at it the most, i feel the reason behind this is that is because they feel threatened by one another (though they shouldnt’). I believe boxing started it off because they felt like MMA was going to come in and take over everything, but in reality, boxing is suffering now because of itself, there is no one else to blame. MMA on the other hand felt obligated to defend itself from boxing. Boxing is a huge sport and garners a lot of attention. So if a boxer says that MMA is this or that, people will listen. Now the reason I say this is simple, neither boxing or MMA feel threatened by jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, muay thai, etc., so therefore they don’t have to attack them. There are practitioners in all these other combat sports that feel the same way as boxing when talking about MMA, MMA just doesn’t acknowledge it because there is no threat of any of those sports becoming as big as Boxing or MMA.

With all that said, here is the post from Barry Laminack of The Complete Science, Click Here.

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  • I believe I read this and this is a very interesting article, however as I said before this is coming form a mixed martial arts point of view. I am sure other sports fans would disagree. Although it does make sense that if boxing is the sweet science then mma is the complete science. If mma isn’t the complete science it should be called some sort of science.

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