Valentina Shevchenko To Hold Muay Thai Seminar at Houston Muay Thai

Current UFC contender, 17x Muay World Champion, and 9x IFMA Gold Medalist, Valentina Shevchenko, will be conducting a Muay Thai Seminar on March 26, 2016, from 12p-3p, at Houston Muay Thai.

7th Degree BJJ Black Belt Sylvio Behring Seminar

7th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Sylvio Behring, will be holding a seminar March 15 at Fusion Fight Co. Master Sylvio Behring, who brings an exclusive look at one of the…

Houston Muay Thai Seminar & Sparring

Come out and support Houston Muay Thai. Some of the best trainers and fighters in the world will be in attendance. Location: Gracie Barra- The Woodlands 606 Rayford Road,…