Video: Michael Rapaport Compares Conor McGregor Boxing Floyd Mayweather To Michael Jordan Playing Baseball

This may be the best analogy ever used when describing a boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Actor and sports fan, Michael Rapaport, was on Skip and Shannon Undisputed recently and was asked about McGregor boxing Mayweather. Being a fan of boxing, Rapaport is a fan of this move and feels it […]

Video: Willie D’s Official Music Video For ‘Coon 2’ Dissing Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, and More

There are several high profiled minorities who either ride the fence on race issues or try to pretend they don’t actually exist. Well, if you don’t select a side, you automatically chose the side of the oppressor. Wille D has released a part two of what now seems like a ‘Coon’ series. The original ‘Coon’ song is a […]

Video: @BdotAdot5 Drops Jordan Impersonation

NBA impersonator @BdotAdot5, has been getting his fans ready for the release of his Michael Jordan impersonation video for a couple of weeks, and it’s finally here. B.A. recreates some of Michael Jordan’s most memorable moments, tongue and all, in his latest video.