Video: Chance The Rapper Joins SNL Cast For a 90’s R&B Music Video Spoof of ‘Come Back, Barack’

For a second, I thought jagged Edge or 112 were about to hit my TV screen; 90’s R&B, in my opinion, is the best era for R&B music. Chance the Rapper was the guest host for this week’s Saturday Night Live, and I enjoyed the majority of the sketches he was part of. One of […]

Video: Buffalo Bills Fan Powerbombs Friend Through a Table, Almost

“D-VON, GET THE TABLE!” That’s a WWF/WWE Dudley Boyz reference for those out of the loop. I don’t understand the reasoning behind certain groups of people, in particular, sports “fans”. I’m for supporting a team/athlete, but people can get extreme. Like, executing wrestling moves on friends. Check out D-Von, not putting Bubba Ray through a […]

Video: Someone’s Me-Maw Is In The Streets Flossing On The Young Fellas with a Custom Painted SUV

Who’s me-maw is in the streets with the custom paint job, flexin’?! Some young cats pull up on the custom painted SUV, admiring the work. Then the tinted window comes down. Check out the admirer’s reaction below. Wait for it… A post shared by VladTV (@vladtv) on Nov 3, 2017 at 10:15pm PDT h/t BSO

Photo: Astros’ Carlos Correa Splash Water on Ken Jeong as he Carried Dodgers Flag Before Game 7

Stylistically, trolling may backfire on you. Comedian and actor Ken Jeong, decided to take part in carrying the LA Dodgers’ flag across the Astros’ dugout. Carlos Correa decided to counter-troll Jeong, and threw water on the Dodgers fan. Jeong took it all in stride and laughed it off. 😬😬😬 A post shared by Houston Astros […]

NSFW VIDEO: Miami Woman Pees in Men’s Urinal at Sunday’s Dolphins-Jets game

I’m so disgusted right now. This woman is barefoot in a public restroom, there are so many germs and bacteria running around. A Miami woman attending the Dolphins/Jets game at the Hard Rock Stadium allegedly didn’t want to wait in the long line for the women’s restroom; they’re notoriously long. So she decided to venture […]

Video: Daniel Cormier Struggles With Headphone Cable During UFC 216 Post Fight Broadcast

DC, I’ve been there. Sometimes, the headphones cable is too long and just won’t stay put. Cormier tussled with his cable during a post fight broadcast following UFC 216. Never struggle with Mondays the way @DC_MMA struggles with audio cords .. 😂 😂 😂 — UFC (@ufc) October 9, 2017 This cord smashed me. […]