Video: IG Model Aliza Makes $100K+ on OnlyFans After Being Fired From CPA Job and Disowned By Mormon Family, Following Sharing Story of Topping Off 7 Suns Players At The Same Time

2020, what a time to be alive.

A young woman named Aliza (IG/ayyyejae) went on Adam22’s ‘No Jumper’ podcast with Celina Powell to share some intimate details about a birthday evening several years back. The night began with a Phoenix Suns staff member blowing her back out, but ended with her giving blow jobs to seven Suns players.

It turns out Aliza comes from a Mormon family, and was a CPA for her father’s company. Well, she’s been kicked out of the house, fired from her job, and disowned by her family due to the viral video.

But, Aliza isn’t letting any of the family drama stop her from living her best life. She’s now in the top .08% of OnlyFans creators, picked up 60K+ followers on IG, and racked in $100K+ (before taxes). I mean, do you, boo.

I wish this young lady nothing but the best. I mean, she’s switching to electric in an effort to save the planet.

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