Video: Rob Van Dam Gets Impact Wrestling Banned on Twitch with Risqué Video Featuring His Girlfriend, and His Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

I’m old enough to remember Rob Van Dam from back in his ECW days, unlike the ladies in this video, according to RVD. Being a fan of the “The Whole F’n Show”, I had to check out the video that got Impact Wrestling banned from video game streaming site, Twitch.

I’ll be honest, I don’t watch Impact Wrestling, nor do I stream on Twitch (I don’t understand watch other people play video games), but, damn. RVD, his girlfriend, and her girlfriend, where part of a segment that had him laying in bed wearing a robe, and the ladies, essentially wearing string bikinis and whipped cream, where ready to wrestle in the sheets.

RVD is out here wildn’. But, this did make me think of that Prince album cover I want to recreate. Google it.

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