Video: Journalist Lindsey Granger Gives Powerful Address On Reckless Journalism Covering Kobe Bryant’s Death & Sexual Assault Case

How can we use someone’s worse day on this earth as a referendum on their character in totality?

I’m still at speechless at the lose of Kobe Bryant. It hurts.

I wasn’t a die hard fan of Kobe like most people I know who discuss him, but I was an admirer of his work. I enjoyed watching him play the game I love with such grace and athleticism. But it was once I became aware of the person Kobe was, it truly made me a fan. His passion for the game and his assassin like skills made me follow the things he did off the court, and that’s when I understood why some many people looked up to Kobe.

Daily Blast Love host and journalist Lindsey Granger, eloquently destroyed the imprudent Washington Post journalist, Felicia Sonmez, who tweeted a link to the Kobe’s 2003 sexual assault case.

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