Video: Car Thief Crashes Car Into Home While Being Chased By Another Car Thief In A Stolen Police Car

My first thought after reading the headline, this took place in Florida. Bam! West Palm Beach, Florida, to be exact.

A guy stole a black Cadillac in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday night. He was driving it through Cocoa, Florida, when a cop car suddenly appeared behind him and tried to pull him over.

The car thief hit the gas . . . and wound up crashing into a HOUSE. And apparently he was just inches away from hitting a woman who was sleeping inside.

He took off running before the cops showed up, and they’re still looking for him.

But that’s only half the story. Because it turns out the cop car that pulled him over was ALSO STOLEN. That’s right . . . someone had stolen a cop car and was using it to pull over random people, one of whom just happened to be that other car thief.

Shortly after the crash, the cops found out about the fake cop pulling people over. And as they tracked down THAT car . . . that thief ALSO took off running before they got there.

h/t 93.7 The Beat

Both guys got away. I’m sure they will both pop up and get caught for doing something stupid.

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