Bun B Reportedly Shoots Home Intruder Who Held His Wife at Gunpoint

I’m happy that Bun and his family are safe, because things could have been much worse.

Bun B reportedly got into a shootout after a home intruder held his wife Angela “Queenie” Walls at gunpoint and attempted to steal her car. Law enforcement explained to TMZ that an unnamed individual knocked on the door to the couple’s Port Arthur, Texas house on Tuesday night, and when Queenie answered the door the intruder held her at gunpoint and asked for valuables. She offered the intruder, who was masked, her Audi. Upon hearing the situation from upstairs, Bun B grabbed his gun and confronted the intruder as they climbed into the car.

The two reportedly had a brief shootout, with the intruder eventually running away and leaving their gun behind. The masked individual later turned up at a Houston hospital with a gunshot wound on their shoulder, where they was treated for their injuries. They were later arrested for two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count of burglary. The incident took place at around 5:45 p.m. in the evening.

h/t Complex

I mean, they had to have known that was Bun B’s spot, and that Bun had the thang. Also, if you’re out here doing crimes with guns, at least have a doc on deck to stitch you up.

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