Video: Father & Son Beat The Breaks Off Two of Greensboro’s Finest, Backup Finally Arrives To Make The Arrest

Someone(s) need better training.

Two Greensboro, NC police officers found that out the hard way when they went to arrest Father and Son, Jamie Donaldo Reyes and Ronald Esau Reyes, for public intoxication, among other things.

Scott said the officers first encountered the men when they responded just before 4 p.m. Sunday to a call of a possible intoxicated person at Sabor Latino’s Rotisserie Chicken at 3738 Farmington Drive, Suite E. He said the business owner asked the officers to remove the man from the property.

“They (father and son) attempted to get into a car,” Scott said. “The officers realized that they were at a minimum drinking, likely intoxicated, and that’s really where the confrontation began.”

Scott said the officers told the men not to drive, causing the son to become agitated. Officers were attempting to arrest the son on a charge of being disruptive in public, Scott said.

“As the video depicts, the second individual attacked first one officer, and then the other and then it became a pretty violent attack against both the officers,” Scott said.

Scott said his officers defended themselves using force, including a stun gun.

In the video the wires from the stun gun are seen on the father’s leg and Ronald Reyes is heard saying, “I don’t see my dad moving.” He continues to shout at someone to take a picture of the officers’ nametags.

In a Facebook post, Ronald Reyes wrote that his father had had three previous heart attacks. Scott told reporters Tuesday that everyone involved has been OK.

The use of force caused a mandatory investigation of the officers’ actions.

“It’s unfortunate that police work at times requires officers to become physical,” Scott said. “It is concerning to me that we see this happen.”

Last year there were 123 assaults against Greensboro officers, Scott said.

“Quite frankly when you look around the country at some of the serious assault against law enforcement officers,” Scott said, “it’s a time when our good community needs to pull together and understand that this kind of conduct can not be considered.”

Eventually, backup arrived and arrested the duo. It’s a good things these two did not end up dead. Others have died for much less.


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