Video: Cardi B’s New ‘Twerk’ Video Has Chicks Twerking On Top of Trucks, During Rush Hour

I remember saying that didn’t believe we could get a ‘Tip Drill’ style video in 2019; I was wrong. Also, if you weren’t outside when Nelly blessed the world with one of the most raunchiest music videos of all time, well, you know how to use the internet.

Nevertheless, City Girls and Cardi B released their ‘Twerk’ video, and I must say, it is a beautiful work of art. There’s nalgas EVERYWHERE! Which brings me to the twerking daredevils of St. Louis. For whatever reason (they did it for the ‘gram), these ladies decided to entertain some commuters with a twerk show, on top of a moving SUV.

If you want to check out the video that possibly inspired these twerking daredevils, you’re welcome.

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