Video: Angry Little Person Destroys Corner Store In What I Think Is An Attempted Robbery, Police Put Him Down Like A Baby

It took me about 7 minutes to catch my breathe after watching this video. Not six minutes and 37 seconds, seven WHOLE minutes.

Now, I don’t know if this little person (I’m unsure if people will get offended by the word midget, even though I’ve heard midgets call themselves midgets; I don’t know, it could be like the “n-word” with black people) was angry about something that was supposed to go into the bag, or if he was trying to rob the store, without a weapon, and was demanding the cashier to put the money in the bag.

Nevertheless, while demanding the clerk to “fill that bag up”, the clerk was on the phone, to which I believe, placing a call to the authorities. The little person had reached his limit, and began ransacking the store.

Eventually, the police entered the establishment, placed the gentleman down on the ground and arrested him. The man recording decided he needed to leave. No word on if he had warrants or not.

Link to view video:

There’s something clearly wrong with this little fella. I hope he gets the medical attention he needs.

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