Marcelino’s Deepest Fantasy Football: Week 1

I struggled with a title for this, being it’s my first time putting my fantasy football thoughts down for everyone to judge. For years I’ve read other notable write ups like “Love/Hate” or “Start em/Sit em”, followed guys like Matthew Berry or Michael Fabiano and knew I had something to offer the fantasy world myself. So “Marcelino’s Deepest Fantasy Football” just suited this so well. It’s been a dream of mine to sit and put my opinions out there for all to hopefully benefit you in becoming number 1 in your local league or finishing in the money in Daily Fantasy Sports. Let me try not to screw this up!

For Whom the Bell Tolls

By now you are aware, Le’Veon Bell has not only rubbed his teammates the wrong way, but also has shook up this fantasy season. One top 5 running back’s quest for a contract has single handedly changed the outlook for week one. Everyone’s ranking has bumped since the news of him sitting out so I thought I’d start my weekly post with “In the Rough”, where I will discuss weekly diamonds you can find in the rough. Obviously, it’s week 1 so unless you drafted a month ago and got hit by the injury bug, Your starters should be locked in. However this portion can maybe help you find guys to stash or just players that are going cheap in DFS.
James Conner is an obvious pick here. The former Pitt star now looks to carry the load that Bell leaves behind during his holdout. If his skill alone isn’t intriguing enough, how about a group of big offensive lineman looking to prove a point? Sure Bell is a once in a lifetime talent, but if Conner is getting all those touches he’s going to be at least a lock for 12-15 points in ppr leagues. I’d say that’s good enough for RB2 any day! He’s still available in 32% of ESPN leagues.
John Ross is someone that was a rookie breakout candidate before an injury filled season. It’s year 2 and he’s ready to step in as the #2 man in Cincy! Green is going to draw a lot of attention leaving the shifty speedster in single coverage against the defense 2nd or 3rd DB. Look for him to have a surprise year if he can kick the injury bug. Available in 47% of ESPN leagues.

On the other hand…

Here I’ll try to take a weekly look at top positions in fantasy and choose 1 player I’d take above all else and 1 player i have no faith in. QB RB and WR are the positions I’ll explore mostly with the occasional TE or D/ST.
QB: My number one QB for the week will usually be a no brainer, but this week I think it may be a surprise for some. I could go Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady but someone else stands above the rest to me this week. Deshuan Watson had a phenomenal start to his rookie season before his acl betrayed him. In that time his game against New England was great, Passing for 300+ yards and 2 tds and adding 41 on the ground. A year of rehab and a full training camp with starter reps makes me thing he isn’t going to miss a beat. Not to mention a New England defense coming off being torched by Nick Foles in the Super Bowl. Look for Watson to be a top 5, if not the top QB this week. On the other hand the QB I am steering clear of this week may also surprise you. Away Ben is a very real thing, most Roethlisberger owners from past years will tell you. Sure he’s had top finishes constantly and has the leagues best wr to throw to, but something drops off when Ben leaves Pittsburgh. This year he opens up against a revamped Cleveland Browns defense led by Myles Garret. Maybe it’s the Hard Knocks talking but I don’t see this week going well for Big Ben.

I’m a Survivor!

Survivor is a form of fantasy football where a group of people get together and pick one team a week that they know without a doubt is going to win, then you can no longer use that team again for the rest of the year. Here I’ll try to persuade you why I think a team should be your survivor pick this week. Week 1 I think clear as day it’s got to be the New Orleans Saints! One Minneapolis Miracle stoppage and we could be discussing the “Super Bowl Champion” Saints here. Nonetheless the Saints have a top tier defense yet again, incredible wrs, and last years breakout sensation Alvin Kamara still in the backfield. Not to mention Drew Brees behind center, which alone gives any team a fighting chance for a W. In week one they take on the Tampa Bay Bucs who are without their starting QB and have some questions on defense. Look for the Saints to run away with this one.

I look forward to sharing my season with you all and hopefully helping you along the way. Any questions or concerns feel free to comment here or shoot them to me on Twitter @nosebleedschale! Good luck and enjoy my deepest fantasy!

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