Submission Hunter Pro 32 Grappling Card (Aug. 19, 2018) – Biloxi, Ms

Submission Hunter Pro makes its first appearance in Biloxi, Ms for Submission Hunter Pro 32. The August 19 card takes place the Gruich Community Center, and will feature 30+ grappling matches.

Check out the complete card below. Make sure to get your tickets here at You can select your favorite grappler to support them.

Grappling Card (Subject to Change):

Blue Belt

150 Gi – Kimberly Esparza (Mid City MMA) vs Stephanie Williamson (SoulFighters)

150 – Julian Orozco (Mid City MMA) vs Lawson Brines (Anthony Mitchell BJJ)

140 Gi – Henry Hartford (NOLA BJJ) vs Alex Nash (Nova Uniao)

240 – Frazier Garris (Soul Fighters) vs Ira Langston (Blacklist MMA)

165 – Kris Posecai (Nova Uniao) vs Chad Sims (Alan Belcher MMA)

195 Gi – Jonathan Landry (SoulFighters) vs Roger Mattox (Alan Belcher MMA)

145 – Jonathan Gauthreaux (Trilogy) vs Dylan Smith

165 – William Gill (Anthony Mitchell BJJ) vs Angel Guajardo (Soul Fighters)

190 Gi – Michael Booker (Anthony Mitchell JJ) vs Chris Clark (Soul Fighters)

Purple Belt

125 – Devin Desormeaux (BlackList MMA) vs Monica Medina (Alan Belcher MMA)

180 Gi – Josh Kennon (Anthony Mitchell BJJ) vs Jared Kerness (Soul Fighters)

125 – Kelly Ziemba vs Ashley Wagnon (Alan Belcher MMA)

140 – Sara Monzeglio vs Aimee Olds

200 – Michael LaBorde vs Connor Curry (Alan Belcher MMA)

Brown Belt

145 – Sheridan Moran (Mid City MMA) vs Alex Harrell (Alan Belcher MMA)

185 Gi – Kaiesie Albarado (Guerilla JJ) vs DJ Roberts (Remedy BJJ)

Black Belt

210 – Anthony Mitchell vs Derrick Breaux (Blacklist MMA)

165 Gi – Cy Landry (BlackList) vs Santiago Farina (Nova Uniao)

150 – Chris Myers (Trilogy) vs Peygan Lafont (Larose JJ)


125 – Trinity Gallodoro (Gold Dragon MMA) vs Emily Ohr (Alan Belcher MMA)

135 – Sarah Phillips (Anthony Mitchell JJ) vs Sidney Pruitt (Team Remedy)

115 Gi – Bryce Clark (Capitao JJ) vs Jacey Brown (Alan Belcher MMA)

130 Gi – Grayson Clark (Capitao JJ) vs Steven Westberry (SoulFighters)

125 – Ethan Burmingham vs Ruben Huron (Alan Belcher MMA)

140 Gi – Trey Clark (Capitao JJ) vs Spencer Westberry (SoulFighters)

145 – Jaden Forte (Mid City MMA) vs Palmer Crews (Alan Belcher MMA)

95 – Tyler Ard (RCJ Machado) vs Hunter Childers (SW JJ)


80 – Cayden Myers (Trilogy) vs Ryder Sisson (The House MMA)

55 – Trenton Byrd (Trilogy) vs Evan Beck (Alan Belcher MMA)

95 – Jordan Willis (Free Form) vs Talen Belk (Anthony Mitchell BJJ)

90 Gi – Ella Latack (Soul Fighters) vs Brooklyn Graham (Free Form)

70 – Cole Graham (Free Form) vs Huntington Beck (Alan Belcher MMA)

65 Gi – Jaidyn Aguon (Alan Belcher MMA) vs Macy Birch (Nova Uniao)

75 – Kaden Smith (Free Form Martial Arts) vs Gus Summers

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