Video: Fighter Hit With Double Boot Stomp and Swanton Bomb Following Knocking Himself Out at #LFA36

One of my all-time favorite wrestling finishing moves is the swanton bomb; Jeff Hardy from the top rope was a beautiful sight.

Following the LFA 36 televised card, Drew Chatman faced Irvins Ayala in an amateur heavyweight bout. I like to say anything can happen when heavyweights are throwing leather, but I think this may be a first.

After catching a kick a securing a takedown, Ayala looked to capitalize with a hammer fist on his floored opponent. On his way down, he landed on Irvin’s knee, knocking himself out. Chatman celebrated by landing the double boot stomp then the swanton bomb; it was beautifully executed. The problem, it’s illegal. And, he was disqualified.

Check out one of the best wrestling finishers landing in MMA.

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