Video: Georgia Teacher Fires Gun in Classroom, Barricades Himself Inside

Teacher man was too eager to use the burner, he couldn’t even wait until something real jumped off to play a hero.

Jesse Randal Davidson, a social studies teacher at Dalton High School in Georgia, seemed to be having a bad day. After the principle tried entering the locked classroom, Davidson slammed the door, then shouted out he had a gun. After firing the gun at a window, he barricaded himself in the empty classroom. Following a 30-45 minute standoff with police, Davidson was taken into custody without incident.

Okay, hear me out, I feel these incidents are being orchestrated to control the population, and are false flags. What other reason would a random ass teacher, in a state like Georgia, go to his school just to tell people don’t bother him because he has a gun? This happens, and now more outrage about guns and gun control; dance puppets.

h/t Time

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