Photo: Colby Covington’s Wikipedia Page Updated Following #BoomerangGate at #UFCSydney

People like Colby Covington are the absolute worse. You disrespect a person/people, and then when said people confront you, you’re ready to tattle; say it with your chest.

For those a little behind, Covington recently went on a tirade following his win over Demian Maia, disrespecting Brazilians. While in Sydney, Australia for #UFCSydney, Covington approached Werdum with xenophobic and homophobic remarks. Werdum didn’t take too kindly to his words, and threw a boomerang at Covington, striking him in the head; that’s impressive, I don’t think I’ve ever hit my intended target with a boomerang.

Following the incident, Covington pressed charges, which will most likely be a misdemeanor simple assault charge.

Here is the news report on the incident; it’s even funnier because the news anchor has no clue who the UFC fighters are.

You the internet would have the last laugh or Covington. Someone updated his wikipedia page with a loss to the former UFC Heavyweight champion.

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