Submission Hunter Pro 17 Grappling Card (Oct. 7, 2017) – Killeen, Tx

Garcia Promotions is headed to Killeen, TX for Submission Hunter Pro 17. This will be the first event held in the city and the 30+ match card will feature some of the best grapplers in the area. Included on the card, a black belt no-gi title match between Randell Kennedy and Travis Moore.

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Grappling Card (Subject to Change):

Blue Belt

140 – Joshua Woosley (Luling MMA) vs Jose Johnson (Twin Wolves)

205 – Justin Vargas (Martial Arts HQ) vs Justin Renick (Johns Gym Temple)

155 Gi – Chris Walden (Cobra BJJ/Check MAT) vs William Wright (Twin Wolves)

185 – Ben Caudle (Soul Fighters TX) vs Lee Cink (Matagorda Bay BJJ)

170 Gi – Chase Johnson (Ion/Canton JJ) vs Gabriel Samaniego (Strike and Submit)

Purple Belt

 215 – Oscar Rivero (Grappler’s Lair) vs Bryan Dobson (Johns Gym Temple)

225 Gi – Erick Rodriguez (Twin Wolves) vs Chris Martinez (Elite MMA)

150 – Mitchell Bruner (Twin Wolves MMA) vs Rodney Wilson (Johns Gym Temple)

145 – Brandon Gutierrez (Rabadi BJJ) vs Julian Godinez (Terra Leon BJJ)

165 – Caleb Issacks (Rabadi BJJ) vs Chris Orozco (Johns Gym Temple)

135 – Jessie Crane (Alvarez BJJ) vs Andrea Jordan (Yellow Jacket JJ)

180 Gi – Reinaldo Villa (Johns Gym S. ATX) vs Scott Hines (Grappler’s Lair)

205 – John Almedina (Johns Gym Temple) vs Derek Boykin (Twin Wolves)

170 – David Hulsey (Soul Fighters TX) vs Phill Platt (Strike and Submit)

Brown Belt

185 Gi – Brant Moore (Team 515) vs Leslie Milika’a (GFT/Twin Wolves Killeen)

180 – Alexander Ray (Terra Leon) vs John Almedina (Johns Gym Temple)

230 Gi – Brock Garlick vs Lizandro Gonzalez (Martial Sports CTX)

150 Gi – Aaron Morris (A Force) vs Kevin Cruz (Mavin JJ)

Black Belt

185 Title – Randell Kennedy (Soul Fighters) vs Travis Moore (Johns Gym)

205 Gi – Lance Yager (Select Jiu-Jitsu) vs Patrick Miller (Zenith/Twin Wolves)

165 Gi – Jared Chaffee vs Jamir Toledo (Twin Wolves)

185 – Paul Woo (B9 USA) vs Ralphy Sebexen (Self Defense America)

210 – Marco Hernandez (Seguin Training Center) vs Patrick Miller


140 – Hanna Flores (Terra Leon BJJ) vs Sonja Peterson (Johns Gym Temple)

125 – Emil Tapper (True JJ) vs Andrew Tackett (Team Rabadi)

120 – Tiffany Butler (Team Rabadi) vs Emma Neil (Select Jiu Jitsu)

145 – Blaice Prescott (RPBJJ) vs Jaden Hogberg (Self Defense America)

120 – Donovan Samaniego (Strike and Submit) vs Ethan Neil (Select Jiu Jitsu)

125 – Hunter McCurley (True JJ) vs Nikelis Estrada (Terra Leon BJJ)


75 – Tristan Hill (10th Planet ATX) vs Dwayne Moore (Johns Gym Temple)

85 Gi – Brooke McCurley (True JJ) vs Mackenzie Biasi (Johns Gym Temple)

85 – Caleb Tackett (Rabadi BJJ) vs Jace Minor (Self Defense America)

75 – Joshua Patino (All American MMA) vs Refugio Salgado (10th Planet)

65 – Angel Patino (All American MMA) vs Franklin Gumabon (Seguin Training Center)

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