Video: Gabi Garcia’s Shootboxing Debut Ends in a ‘No Contest’ Due to an Illegal Soccer Kick

Japan is known for their freak shows, remember Bob Sapp? Gabi Garcia is the new Bob Sapp, well, with zero charisma. I guess Gacia’s only link to Sapp would be that they’re massive and love fighting in Japan.

Gabi Garcia made her Shootboxing debut earlier today and the fight ended in a ‘no contest’ due to Garcia landed an illegal soccer kick on Megumi Yabushita. The 45-year-old Yabushita was considerably smaller. she normally fights¬†at 135lb, Garcia’s leg weighs about 135lb.

As far as Shootingboxing rules go (I literally just found out this event existed), here’s what’s allowed: punches, elbows, knees, kicks, standing throws, and standing submissions.

Garcia will return to action on July 30, taking on Oksana Gagloeva under the RIZIN banner in an MMA fight.

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