Submission Hunter Pro 15 Grappling Card (Aug. 26, 2017)

Submission Hunter Pro grappling series returns to the Humble Civic Center on August 26 for Submission Hunter Pro 15. The 30+ match card will feature some of the top grapplers from the Houston area.

Check out the card below. Purchase all of your Submission Hunter Pro tickets here at and select your favorite grappler’s name.

Grappling Card (Subject to Change):

Blue Belts

145 – Abel Salazar (Team Tooke) vs Ricky Peoples (Darkside)

170 Gi – Levi Gutierrez (Paradigm/GFT) vs Chad Ross (Solis Martial Arts)

HVY Gi – Jorge Luis Aguilar (Team Ed Ramos) vs Michael Medina (Energy Fit MMA)

HVY – Derrick Waldroup (10th Planet New Caney) vs Shamar Walker (Warriors For Christ)

165 – Corey Mcnutt (Team Rivas) vs Carlos Rodriguez (Darkside)

190 – Lonnie Vickery (10th Planet New Caney) vs Craig Johnson (Presa)

185 Gi – Chris Reyna (Revolution Dojo) vs TBA

130 Gi – Hosanna Rull (Team Tooke) vs Alissa Sheikh (Ground Dwellers)

145 Gi – TBA vs Austin Johnson (ACS)

Purple Belts

140 Gi – Mohammed Magharef (GB Westchase) vs Darryl Lebus (Team Tooke)

155 – Kody Williams (GB Woodlands) vs Jordan Holy (Darkside)

150 Gi – Austin Dill (Team Ed Ramos) vs Cristian Guzman (GB Texas)

170 – Chance Norman (Gracie Humaita) vs Donald Scott Davis

Brown Belts

225 Gi – Austin Avera (Cobra BJJ) vs Dinko Bektic (BJJ Revolution)

175 – Cameron Graves (Team Tooke) vs Ricardo Deluque (Darkside)

HVY – Austin Avera (Cobra BJJ) vs Tim Buchanan (Darkside)

Black Belts

195 Gi – Adrian Vera (Energy Fit MMA) vs Inacio Neto (GB)

175 – Jared Chaffee (Energy Fit MMA) vs Renan Chavez (Zion MMA)

200 Gi – Evan Gideon (GFT) vs Inacio Neto (GB)

240 – Dean Zaino (LoneStar BJJ) vs Tre Herrera (Ground Dwellers)


140 – Ian Swain (10th Planet Beaumont) vs AJ Ray (Darkside)

140 – Jaxson Lawhorn (Energy Fit MMA) vs. Gregory Ramos (Team Ed Ramos)

225 – David Alba (Energy Fit MMA) vs Arnold Garcia (GB Champions)

120 – Andy Garza (Ohana) vs AJ Ray (Darkside)


75 No-Gi Title – Sergio Guajardo (Ohana/10th Planet ATX) vs Eddie Pugachov (Team Tooke)

65 Gi Title –  Moses Cabrera (Ohana) vs Ryan Wartenbach (Elite MMA)

80 No-Gi Title – Angel San Miguel (Ohana) vs Chris Wilemon (Team Tooke)

77 – Ryan Pulley (Revolution Dojo) vs John Pineda Jr. (Team Tooke)

60 – Randy Williams (Ohana) vs Collin Tingley (Darkside)

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