Video: Police Kick and Stomp Innocent Victim of Fiery Crash Following Chase

Early Monday morning, a police chase led to a fiery crash that critically injured a West New York man. A video, obtained by Univision, shows the New York man emerging from a burning car while still covered in flames.

Stop, drop and roll, was the first thing that came to mind. Once the flames went out, police approached the gentleman, with guns drawn, and one of the officers kicked the man in the face. Several others began stomping the man, similarly to the Rodney King beating. They would then drag him away from the wreckage.

I’m aware that a suspect was fleeing and needed to apprehended, but, you would think that police would first check to make sure the guy who’s covered in flames is okay. Instead, the man, who was  later determined to be an innocent bystander, is treated like a rabid animal.

According to spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill, the city will look to fire and press charges against those thug cops. The suspect, Leo Pinkston, who the police were pursuing, led police on a 6 mile chase from the Greenville section of Jersey City to the Heights. Police fired several shots at Pinkston’s car during the pursuit; Pinkston has been charged with aggravated assault and eluding police.


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