Nicki Minaj Offers To Pay Off Fans’ College Tuition If They Have Straight A’s

I remember being put on to Nicki Minaj back around the Myspace era; I enjoyed her music. Then, I found out her ass is fake (I despise fake butts), she dropped this line in a song “I was a Geisha he was a Samari / Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai” (I don’t even want to get into how that makes zero sense), and I simply can’t stand her music.

Music aside, I’m all for her latest endeavor. After announcing a contest where Nicki would fly a fan from anywhere in the world to a private listening session, one fan threw a hail marry and asked for her college tuition to be paid instead of a trip. To their surprise, Minaj said she’s paying the tuition of college students with straight A’s. She needs to be able to verify with the school to have the tuition paid.

Check out the scholars coming for the free Nicki Minaj money. Also, props to Nicki for this, if she follows through, of course.

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