Florida Deputy Fired For Waving Guns and Quoting Denzel Washington In ‘Training Day’

Life imitates art, or art imitates life. Either way, a Florida Sheriff’s deputy is not out of a job because he thought it was a good idea to imitate Denzel Washington from the movie ‘Training Day’, with his gun and taser.

Deputy Dean Zipes, who was hired in December 2015, was fired April 21 for the incident and other allegations that Zipes twice pulled out his firearm in an office setting and once made a motion to draw his service weapon at a pizza delivery boy, joking that he was alleged Orlando cop-killer Markeith Loyd.

Zipes was quoting a profanity-laced scene in the 2001 movie about 4 a.m. Feb. 16 in which Washington’s character points two pistols at a rape suspect and rubs his weapons together in front of a police trainee, according to an internal-affairs report.

Dude hasn’t been on the job long enough to display this type of ignorance.

“I am not a rogue, reckless, dangerous, insane guy that slipped through the cracks at the hiring process and somehow got a gun and a badge,” he told investigators, adding that he’s “just a guy going through some stuff.”

I picture Zipes in his supervisors office going off like Denzel at the end of ‘Training Day’.


You can view the dash cam video at Orlando Sentinel.

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