Video: Tony Bellew Stops David Haye in Huge Upset #HayeBellew

In one of the largest upsets you’ll see this year, Tony Bellew stopped David Haye after Haye’s corner threw in the towel after Haye was knocked through the ropes.

Haye came out strong, but an apparent ankle injury in the sixth round turned the tide of the fight. Swinging wildly, Haye couldn’t find his balance and had to rely on the ropes to hold him up until the end of the fight in the 11th round.

With the largest win of his career, Bellew’s only concern was the future of his children. Bellew is aware that Haye’s injury played a role in the fight, and although there was not a rematch clause in his contract, Bellew and Haye spoke about a rematch on Bellew’s terms.

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