Amanda Nunes, To Promote or Not Promote, That Is The Question?

The talk of the MMA town seems to be about UFC 207, as Amanda Nunez is set to defend her recently acquired gold strap against its original owner, Ronda Rousey. Rousey will make her long-awaited return since her devastating defeat at the legs of Holly Holm.

What concerns MMA fans at the moment are the promos and marketing being implemented by the UFC. It is apparent that the UFC has shown very little of the champ and focused almost solely on Rousey. But should we be surprised or even angered by this?

Sports has evolved into a new age of business, and it’s not just about doing your job anymore. It’s about what can you do above the norm and what have you done for me lately. With that said, it would be clear why the UFC is focusing their marketing teams, strategists and deep vaults of money to feature Ronda as the star, even though she is not the current champion.

The current champ, Amanda Nunez, is not to be looked over, she is the champ for a reason, but when it comes to promotions, it would be very difficult to make her a mainstream name. The champ is not fluent in English, which hurts her marketing opportunities and therefore limits the potential profits to be attained by the UFC. Nunez did defeat Tate in devastating and convincing fashion, but all her past performances have shown big holes in her game.

Ronda, on the other hand, has done it all for the UFC since they gave her the opportunity to become the first female UFC megastar. She has attained a level of superstardom that was beautifully orchestrated by the UFC. If you use your Spidey business sense, the fact remains that promoting Ronda is a proven business model that produces major profits for everyone involved. If she were a stock, I would invest.

These decisions made by the organization should not anger or disappoint anyone. They are for the benefit of fans and the fighters in some weird way. I would advise the champ to repeatedly defend her belt until they are forced to talk, promote, and compensate her; then again, that hasn’t worked for the P4P best fight in the world, Demetrious Johnson.

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