Photo: Midland, Tx Woman Dressed As Aunt Jemima For Halloween, Blackface and All

I have a sudden urge for pancakes, with a little bit of racism sprinkled on top.

I’ll never understand why people feel it’s okay to dress in black face. Before I go off on a tangent, check out this story from Midland, TX.

Photos of a woman appearing in blackface as “Aunt Jemima” outside a Midland school surfaced online Monday afternoon.

“She had the head wrap on and the apron, and she was in complete blackface,” says parent Tracie Greene.

Greene says the woman was standing outside picking up her child.

“You could tell the teachers that were there to help our children cross the street were in shock,” Greene says. “When her kid came out, she actually covered her face in her arm and ran away from her mom.”

Greene tells us that the woman in the photo appeared to be of Hispanic or “Latina” descent. Greene says the woman might not have realized how offensive her Halloween costume was.

“It could be a joke in a small circle of people that know you, but when you’re out in public like that and you depict that; it’s offensive to everyone.”

I feel bad for the child.


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