Video: Filipino Divers Gets All 0’s On Dives

It’s about time I get on my 2016 Olympic coverage. What better way to kick it off than with some diving action from the 2015 Singapore Games.

John Elmerson of the Philippines was on his fourth dive, and if I were his coaches, it would have been his last; Elmerson landed back first in the water, scoring 0s across the board. While spinning in mid-air. The camera captured

While spinning in mid-air. The camera captured Elmerson’s facial expression. Even he knew he was in bad shape from the jump (pun intended).

His countryman, John David Pahoyo, didn’t do better in the eyes of the judges either. The only upside for Pahoyo, he entered the water awkwardly with his knees; much less painful than Elmerson.

h/t BSO

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