Video: Big Brody vs Tyrone Celebrity Boxing End In Brawl

I have no idea who a Big Brody is, but I’m familiar with Naphil Hitson, better known as ‘Tyrone’ or ‘I’m Tyrone’, from the Vine videos.

The two apparently have/had a beef, and decided to settle it in a “Celebrity Boxing’ match this past weekend.

Social media giants Big Brody and Tyrone finally settled their beef in the main event of WXE Presents: “Celebrity Boxing” this past weekend on Go Fight Live. The much anticipated grudge match was littered with controversy. Before the initial bell, Big Brody punched I’m Tyrone, leading to an intense first round.

Tyrone couldn’t handle Brody’s pressure from the start, so he threw a knee that nearly cost him the fight. The commission seemed to have called it, but after a near riot from the crowd, the action restarted in epic fashion.

Once Brody closed in, Tyrone threw a jumping knee and a full on BRAWL broke out in the ring! It took several people to separate the men, and the fight was called. Big Brody won via DQ.

The fight starts at 7:30 mark.

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