Video: White Teen Girl Gets KOd After Calling Black Peer The N-Word

We have another case of when keeping it real goes wrong.

No idea on how these two came to be toe to toe, but when the video starts, the young “Baby D” sized black teen asked the extra small white girl who she was “calling a nigga/er?” There was a small shove, and the question was repeated.

Now, this is when things go all anti-racism. The white girl could have responded with a “nothing” or an “I didn’t say anything,” something in that matter, but she didn’t. When asked again, the girl said “you”. Now, in my mind, this is where I think time slowed down for the white girl. She saw the “Right Hook of Justice” coming for her face, but there was nothing she could do, her body just couldn’t move. Before you know it, the white girl is on the ground, being rag dolled, while a girl off camera is pleading with Aaliyah to cease the beating she was throwing.

This all could have been prevented if there weren’t racist assholes in this world.

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