Interview: Tony Nguyen Looking To Add Another Title To His Mantle

The last time I talked with Tony Nguyen before a fight, it was his MMA debut. A lot has changed since then, Tony is now an undefeated flyweight amateur champion who has his sights set on a second belt this Friday night at Cage Combat 23. I spoke with Tony ahead of his chance to become a two promotion MMA champion.

Mark Carrillo: Last time I interviewed you, you were getting ready for your MMA debut. Now, you’re competing for your second championship belt on Friday. What’s been going on with your fighting career since we last spoke?

Tony Nguyen: That’s right, you were my first interview as a martial artist. A lot has change since then, for one, I no longer live in texas. I reside in Sacramento, California and train out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. When I am in between fights I spend my time near the ocean. So I train with The American Ninja, Nate Diaz, at his and Nick’s gym in Lodi. I now also fight for Luttrell Yee MMA as well as 4oz Fight Club. I also cross train at Jackson Wink MMA with my Coach Damciao Page.

Carrillo: You’ve been doing a lot of traveling around and training in different places for this fight. What can we expect to see from you in this fight?

Nguyen: Improvement. That’s my goal every fight, is to tighten up my strength and strengthen my weakness.

Carrillo: How did it feel to win that first belt?

Nguyen: It felt great until about that Monday. Then it was on to the next goal.

Carrillo: How do you predict the fight going Friday?

Nguyen: The beautiful thing about technology is that we both can watch each other’s patterns and tendencies. I have full faith in my coaching staff that they have trained and prepared me with the correct answer and counters to counters. I have no doubt that he has trained hard for this match, but I trained harder. This will be a one-sided fight.

Carrillo: You devote all of your time to training and have definitely become a “full-time” fighter and not just someone who does it as a hobby. Will that make a difference in the cage?

Nguyen: I believe it will. I believe if you are training properly then the labor time will add up. Because hard work always beats talent.

Carrillo: How much longer as an amateur? Do you ever get the urge to try it as a pro or do you feel you need more time in the ammies?

Nguyen: I did have the urge to go pro, but I realized nothing worth having comes easy. I have plenty to learn before I can swim with the big sharks. It’s good that I am where I am. To me there is no timeframe, it’s all about the feel. I will stay an amateur until my coaches and I can agree that I am a complete fighter with all the necessary fundamentals to compete at the highest level. Don’t worry I will make up for lost times.

Carrillo: What’s next after this fight?

Nguyen: My third title belt in Houston on May 13th for Legacy.

Carrillo: What kind of legacy would you like to leave in the cage when it’s all said and done?

Nguyen: I hope one day when it’s all said that my legacy will reach all age groups, all ethnicities and all social classes. I hope the peers when they hear my story they say, “He never gives up, even when the world had the odds piled against him. He bit down and fought back for what he believes in, and in turn lived one hell of a life. I hope the young adults see that no matter what obstacles life presents, hard work and persistence is key to accomplishing goals, and no matter what society thinks it’s never too late. And I hope our youth looks at me and dreams big and works hard. Because all things are possible if your ambition matches your work ethic.

Carrillo: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Nguyen: I would like my family and support system. These people, my cousins and friends, for the countless text/calls checking on my status, and especially those who take the time to come out. I know what kind of commitment that requires from most of you guys. I am grateful and blessed to be able to call you guys friends and family. I cherish all the moments and memories we create. My coaches for investing the hours in me to make me the fighter and man I am today. And all those who showed me love. One of my biggest assets in life is the relationships I’ve built over my life time. I am glad to be apart of you guys lives. Peace Love and Live with Passion. 🌲

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