Video: Sting Preforms During Halftime of NBA All-Star Game In Drake’s Town

With the 2016 NBA All-Star game taking place in Toronto, Ca, and with Drake showing up everywhere, one could assume that he would have been performing during the halftime show. Well, he didn’t. The NBA solicited the services of Sting.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Sting, I enjoy his music, but think about the demographic here. The NBA All-Star game doesn’t seem like a place you would have a plethora of Sting fans. And then, considering it’s Drake’s home town, why wouldn’t he be performing?

One could assume that with the outrage of Beyoncé’s performance at Super Bowl 50, they could be trying to keep things in some sort of order?

Something to think about. But if you’re here for Sting, check out the video below.

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