Video: Diaz Replaces RDA Against McGregor at UFC 196, Wins Red Panty Night Sweepstakes

The MMA community was shook this morning as disastrous news struck. It was reported that Rafael Dos Anjos was pulling out of the long-awaited title fight against featherweight champion, Conor McGregor.This fight had been built up as the ultimate super fight, pitting two of the best in their division against one another.

Dos Anjos, however, suffered a broken foot and was forced to pull a little over a week away from fight night. McGregor, being no stranger to fighting short notice replacements, was quick to notify Dana White any fill in was fine with him. White has gone on record saying he offered the fight to both Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, yet both turned it down due to injury. Obviously, with McGregor being such a huge draw, plenty of suitors laid in wait, trying to win the red panty night sweepstakes.

After a day full of rumors, the main candidates seemed to be Donald Cerrone and Nathan Diaz. It was finally announced tonight that Nate Diaz will be standing across the octagon from McGregor in a welterweight fight. Diaz, a striker with superb MMA boxing, seems to paint this fight as a battle between two strikers. However, let’s not forget Diaz is a jiu-jitsu black belt and is willing to take the fight to the ground.

With only 9 days to promote this fight, I don’t think selling it will be a problem. Fight fans could not have asked for a better replacement on such short notice.

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