MMA Legend Kevin Randleman Passes Away At Age 44

I’m speechless right now. When I began watching MMA, Kevin Randleman was one of the first fighters that stood out to me. He looked like an action figure, and his was black with blonde hair. I’m pretty sure he stuck out in a lot of people’s minds.

This past weekend while I was in Vegas for UFC Fight Night 82, I was invited to go to the Fighter’s Only MMA Awards. As soon as I walked into the venue, low and behold, it was Kevin Randleman; he was smaller than I expected. He immediately introduced himself to me and we conversed like we had been friends for years.

Being that I was making my UFC debut the next day, there weren’t many things that could top that. Kicking it at the bar (not drinking of course) with Kevin Randleman is toward the top for sure. I will forever cherish this past week. Kevin passed away from an apparent heart attack at the age of 44.

RIP to “the Original Black Power” Kevin Randleman

Kevin Randleman and Mike The Truth

h/t ENT Imports

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