Interview: Tim Means Looking For A Violent Bonus Against Donald Cerrone

The UFC announced last week their main event fight for UFC Fight Night 82 in Pittsburgh, would be none other than Tim Means vs. Donald Cerrone. February 21st will be Cerrone’s first appearance in the welterweight division, and just a few weeks ago, suffered a knockout loss to Rafael dos Anjos. Tim Means is coming off of a brutal knockout win over John Howard that will be on highlight clips for years to come. Both of these guys love to fight, and it shows while they’re in the octagon. They have a combined 44 fights between them since 2010, and show no signs of slowing down. I caught up with Mr. Means to get his thoughts on this highly anticipated match.

Mark Carrillo: What was your first thought when offered the fight against Cerrone?

Tim Means: Here comes the next bonus! I always wanted the Cerrone fight, if I want to drive a bad ass truck I need to be fighting badasses. He leads in bonus money, I believe, so that is who I need to be fighting!

Carrillo: Your last fight ended with a vicious KO over John Howard, which left Howard mummified in the octagon for a couple of minutes. How did it feel getting a win like that after coming off of the loss to Matt Brown?

Means: Brown got away by the skin of his teeth! Going into the Howard fight I wanted to make sure that I was deadly accurate and make sure I didn’t let another win slip through my fingers. My striking coach Arlene Sanchez-Vaughn, is big on movement and being versatile. It really is starting to become art to me! It felt great getting a win but even better to see Howard get up.

Carrillo: How far away do you think you are from a shot at the welterweight title?

Means: Not sure about a title shot. Joe Silva and Tom Vaughn have been giving me some cool fights so I am doing something right!

Carrillo: Do you think the combination of switching weight classes and coming off of a disappointing performance in his last fight, gives you any kind of mental edge over Cerrone?

Means: I am not sure of any of that. I know Cerrone comes to fight, so I will be standing in the center of the cage fighting like it is my last!

Carrillo: You and Cerrone have been two of the most active fighters around over the past five years. What can fans expect to see when two guys who love to fight, are locked in a cage with each other?

Means: We are active because we enjoy our job! Expect a gun fight with precision!

Carrillo: Cerrone also trains in the Albuquerque, have you guys ever crossed paths?

Means: Sure we have, I live but a few miles from him. Been invited to the ranch but I train 40 miles in the other direction at Fit NHB.

Carrillo: Where do you think a win over Cerrone will put you in the rankings?

Means: I don’t know about rankings, but what will be next will be awesome.

Carrillo: You have fought 23 times since 2010. Where does the motivation come from, and what is your ultimate goal before you hang up your gloves?

Means: Goal is to pay off my taxes and save and pay what bills I have. I enjoy my job so I will take it as far as I can.

Carrillo: What is your prediction for this fight? What can we expect to see come February 21st?

Means: No prediction, I am coming to win as violent as possible. Don’t get a refill on popcorn or look away! This will be two big dogs in the same backyard! Violence!


February 21st in Pittsburgh, Pa, ladies and gentlemen, Tim Means vs. Donald Cerrone will air on Fox Sports 1. You do not want to miss this fight.

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