Video: Nate Diaz Says He’s “The American Ninja” and Wants The “Irish Ninja”

According to Nate Diaz, people want to see “ninja shit”, and “that’s the key to beating everybody.”

After a solid performance against Michael Johnson at UFC on FOX 17, Nate Diaz dropped a profanity laced interview with Joe Rogan that had FOX scrambling to find the “bleep” button; they should have been ready, I mean, it’s a Diaz brother. Once in the back with Ariel Helwani, he apologized for language, but said it’s a fight and FOX shouldn’t trip.

Nate says that he wants a money fight, and apparently Conor is the fight he wants. In the past there was no motivation, that’s also the reason for his long layoff. Ariel asked about him fighting Conor McGregor, and Nate mentioned when he spoke with Joe Silva, Joe said “it’s on.”

The self-proclaimed “American Ninja”, is ready to mix it up with the “Irish Ninja”, and plans to “ninja his ass up.”

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