Video: Jeff Monson KO’d By Donal Njatah on Christmas

I doubt Jeff Monson celebrates Christmas, or maybe he does, who knows with that anarchist.

The soon to be 45 year-old, is still stepping into cages, looking to strangle his competition. Earlier today, Monson was knocked out by Donal Njatah at Mix Fight Combat, which took place in Khimki, Russia. Njatah used his jab to stay on the outside for close to a minute, and out of nowhere, lands a right hand that face plants Monson, and captures the promotion’s vacant heavyweight title. The ref quickly stepped in to stop the fight right before any more shots were landed; Monson never threw a strike.

Jeff Monson received his Russian citizenship last month, and has also competed 10 times this year. No clue what the future holds for Monson.

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