The Cancerous Case of Clarence Brown

For a few years now, there has been a cancer growing in the Houston MMA community, and it goes by the name of Clarence Brown. He possess the characteristics of a cockroach. No matter how many times you stomp him, he continues to wiggles.

Clarence Brown continues to fight, and continues to make an ass of himself, in person, and on social media. He was scheduled to fight Craig Grove at Cage Combat 22 this past weekend in Humble, Tx, but failed to show up the day of the fight. The day before at weigh-ins, Clarence not only showed up two hours late, he showed up 17 pounds over the agreed upon weight of 165lb. After some weight gaining on Craig’s part, the fight was eventually allowed happen by TDLR.

On fight day, Clarence was nowhere to be found during the scheduled rules meeting. Looking at his social media, he posted he was going to see the film ‘Creed’. It’s assumed he was going to watch the movie to get some type of motivation for his fight, but that wasn’t the case. There was never any intentions to show up to fight.

Eventually, Clarence showed up on social media, in third person, to make a post about his absence. It’s presumed it was his significant other, Thomas Moreno, who made the post on Clarence’s behalf; he’s the only person I know who combines horrible grammar, with the capitalization of the first letter of every word.

Clarence was scheduled to make his professional debut at Legacy 50, in Houston, against Omar Hilal, but that fight will no longer take place. My sources have confirmed that Clarence has been suspended by the TDLR for 120 days. Taking into account his past actions, and now Cage Combat 22, he seems to have gotten off lightly.

With the disrespect of not only his opponents, but the sport of MMA as well, let’s hope that promoters no longer match him on their cards. He is costing people time and money, and no one wants to lose either. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy for cancerous individuals like Clarence.

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