Will Ronda’s Rowdies Stay By Her Side?

Not even 48 hours ago Rowdy Ronda Rousey was considered THE best female fighter in the world. She was considered “unbeatable” and a “once ever” fighter. Not only were her performances in the octagon something people had never seen before, so was her ability to gain the attention of those who have never seen a fight before. It was almost over night that there became millions of Ronda Rousey fans who couldn’t even tell you another UFC fighter’s name, but they have seen Rousey’s last few fights. Little girls were walking around trick or treating this year dressed as Rowdy Ronda, hell, Beyoncé even used that ‘Do Nothing Bitch’ video clip at one of her concerts.

Rousey’s life was in the spotlight like never before leading up to this fight. All of a sudden, what was going on in her personal life was just as important as what she could do in the octagon. Who she was dating became important, her own mother publicly bashed her head coach leading up to this fight, then he files for bankruptcy weeks before he is supposed to corner the biggest star in the UFC in her championship fight. She even made comments about disappearing after this fight until UFC 200, and I can see why.

The Internet can be a cruel place for people in the spotlight, and it held no sympathy for “Rowdy” Ronda either. I’m not going to lie, I spent most of yesterday laughing at the different memes that were made. (I have a sense of humor, they were funny to me and that doesn’t mean I’m a “hater”. Just means I don’t know her as personally as the rest of you guys do so they didn’t offend me on a personal level.) It took less than two rounds for the most dominating champion in UFC history to become so basic. The same woman who was destroying her competition in mere seconds became a flat-footed, bull charging, chin up with no head movement, wanna be boxer, according to the millions of professional coaches on social media. The worst part about this is all of her new fans don’t know enough about MMA to defend her in any kind of way. All they know is the woman they considered the baddest on the planet just got face planted with a head kick from a preacher’s daughter. Whether she likes it or not, Ronda has reached that level of popularity where anything she does will be broken down and dissected by the media, then placed under a microscope for everyone to take notes on. Then everyone takes their notes and uploads them to the social media page of their choice for the whole world to comment on. Each comment coming from someone more experienced in MMA and fighting, than the last.

So, will all these new fans and new “Do Something Bitches” be there to support their queen in her comeback? (Just to be clear men can be bitches too.) Or will they discredit her as fast as everyone else has?

3 replies on “Will Ronda’s Rowdies Stay By Her Side?”

  • I’m a huge UFC fan & mma enthusiast. I’ve got quite a bit of experience from being a coach. I don’t doubt her as an athlete, but her personality is something to be desired. I lost a lot of respect for Rousey when she was a coach on the Ultimate Fighter. She acted like a total ass & poor sportsmanship. Karma’s a bitch.

  • Holly Holm was a super solid boxer even before she made it to the UFC. Ronda should have focused on her judo game more, but she was simply outclassed in striking. Her inside control was excellent, as evidenced by that awesome elbow!

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