The UFC Cuts Long List of Fighters

In the past few days the UFC has been cutting a few fighters a day, and yesterday, they really dropped the hammer. Numerous fighters, some coming off loses and some coming off layoffs, have been released. The word is, there are a lot more to come. Here’s a small list of some of the fighters that have been let go in the past few days.

Lewis Gonzales – Welterweight
Joe Merritt – Welterweight
Roger Zapata – Welterweight
Ron Stallings – Middleweight
Christos Giagos – Lightweight
Leonardo Mafra – Lightweight
Matt Van Buren – Light Heavy
Eddie Gordon – Middleweight
William Macario – Welterweight
TJ Waldburger – Welterweight
Sao Palelei – Heavyweight
Luke Zachrich – Middleweight
Chris Clements – Welterweight
Roger Navarez – Middleweight
Amir Sadollah – Welterweight
Naoyuki Kotani – Lightweight
David Machaud – Lightweight
Vanger Rocha – Lightweight
Francisco Trevino – Lightweight

Find the complete list here.

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