UPDATE: Reebok Suffers Glitch, Working To Restore All UFC Fighter Kits

When the UFC debuted their new Reebok fighter kits, the internet had a field day with the memes and personal opinions. I can’t recall seeing much, if any, positive comments about the uniforms. Me personally, I don’t mind them, but I’m not wearing the kit either.

The fighters receive a sponsorship pay from Reebok, as well as a percentage of sales from their kits sold. If you go to the UFC Fighter Kit page on the Reebok online store, you may not find the fighter’s kit you’re looking for. It seems that Reebok has removed all kits except for the following: Anderson Silva, Anthony Pettis, Cain Velasquez, Chris Weidman, Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, or Ronda Rousey.

A fan contacted Reebok and asked about the removal, and they said the remaining kits are the most popular.

It may be true that these are the most popular fighter kits, but what about the other fighters in the UFC? Having their financial sponsorship cut drastically by the Reebok deal is one thing, but now you cut 95% of the fighter’s way of earning extra income by selling their kits to their fans.

A way for fighters to generate revenue is to design a walkout shirt and sell to their fans. Fighters can still do this, but some people want to support and purchase fighter kits of their favorite fighter. Where will these fans go now? Hopefully, Reebok will bring back the vast majority of fighters who were removed from the site so that they can earn extra income, even it is a few hundred dollars.

UPDATE: According to MMA Junkie, Reebok suffered some sort of glitch in their system that deleted the UFC fighter kits. They are currently working to resolve the issues.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Reebok’s online store had added dozens of names to the list of fighter kits available, though not all of the UFC’s roster. Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Botter wrote that Reebok stocks popular fight kits and makes others to order.

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