Video: 51-year-old ‘Razor’ Ruddock Is KO’d In Comeback Fight

I get it, you spend your entire life in one profession, you probably don’t have anything else to fall back on. Sometimes though, you need to find other ways to earn money than by stepping into a combat sport, especially if you’re 51 years old.

After stepping away from boxing for 14 years, former title contender, Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock, returned to the ring on a comeback tour.

Poor investments left him struggling for cash many years ago, and the Canadian by way of Jamaica has been on the comeback trail at the age of 51.

Ruddock was set to face Dillon Carman for the Canadian Heavyweight Title, he came up terribly short in his bid. Carman dropped Ruddock in the 3rd round, but he was able to beat the count. Then a right hook around the guard, put Ruddock down for good.

The two knockdowns starting at around the 11:05 mark, but here is the entire fight.

h/t Bloody Elbow

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