Rock’s Xtreme Fight Night 17 Recap

MMA has been on the rise in Corpus Christi, Tx. Rock’s Discount Vitamins & More, a staple in the community, has brought to light some amazing amateur and professional talent through out recent years; Saturday night was another example. Though a couple of speed bumps threatened to derail the event, the fight card took it in stride and kept on chugging.

The event featured several UFC fighters as special guest, but one fighter was unable to attend due to a mandatory appearance with the UFC. Rock’s responded by adding UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis, and Strawweight Jessica Penne, to the meet and greet. Also in attendance, Light-Heavyweight Roger Narvaez, and Strawweight Tecia Torres; Jacob “Stitch” Duran was also in attendance to enjoy some local action.

The main event was billed as a Flyweight barn burner between Patrick Ybarra and Vanderlei Carvalho Leite. The fight was scratched after Ybarra came in 6 pounds heavy and couldn’t cut the 1 pound necessary to qualify for a catch weight. This paved the way for Atomweight’s Paulina Granados and Julia Jones to put on a striking show, in what proved to be an exciting 3 round bout that never saw the ground. Outside of the main event, there were outstanding fights. There were incredible finishes, and a storyline from weigh-ins that led to a 3 round clinic.

In the first pro fight of the night, David Waters wasted no time claiming victory. After a few shots on the feet, Waters took Zach Mathew to the mat. After a few well placed elbows, Waters was able to take Mathew’s back and finish the fight with a rear naked choke in the first round.

Not to be out done, Roger Reyes came into his fight with Luis Carter Jr. looking to spend as little time in the cage as possible. The two light-heavyweights met in the center and traded some shots, up until Reyes caught Carter with a clean right that wobbled him. Reyes sensed the end was near and continued to land until Jacob Montalvo stepped in to stop the fight.

Keeping with the trend, Chris Pecero made quick work of Edgar Juarez as he was able to latch on to his ankle and force him to tap early. The one low light of the night was a fight clouded by early mishaps. Travonne Hobbs and Kirk Hubble had the look of an all out war, but Hobbs landed an up-kick to Hubble’s head while he was down. Then there was an eye poke within the first couple minutes that seemed to slow Hubble. Kirk Hubble was able to pull out a split decision in the end.

Ygor Zavarize’s night was cut short by a stoppage in the 2nd round as his eye swelled to the size of a baseball. Some textbook sprawls led to David Armas landing clean shots on Ygor, and a few well placed knees left cage side doctors no choice but to call the fight.

The second pro fight on the card had the most build up surround it. Two young flyweight fighters who had never met prior to weigh-ins, seemed to instantly dislike each other. Aaron Gomez stepped off the scale to face off with his opponent, but Washington Luis had other plans. The Brazilian instantly stuck his forehead into Gomez’s and the two seemed like two bulls who had locked horns. Luis shoved Gomez’s face, which led to fight camps having to step in and exchange words. Fast forward to the fight,  and Gomez seemed to have a message to send. Though Luis landed a couple early takedowns, he was unable to keep the energizer bunny there as Gomez stood right back up and put on a boxing clinic. Gomez never once sat down between rounds, and continued to push the pace the entire fight. Almost like a young Nick Diaz, Gomez peppered Luis with light shots to the head followed by huge shots to the body. After 3 rounds, Gomez had a chance to end the fight but Luis was saved by the bell. The Judges, however, had seen enough to give Aaron Gomez the unanimous decision.

It was an amazing night of fights in Corpus Christi, which has become expected of a Rock’s card. Keep an eye out for the next one, as it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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