Ronda Rousey Sells 56,000 D.N.B. Shirts During Pre-Order

A couple of weeks ago Ronda Rousey announced she planed on selling shirts with the phrase, “Do Nothing Bitch”. Here’s a clip from the Embedded episode where Rousey explains the meaning behind “D.N.B.”

The initial goal was set at 1,000 shirts, and in less than 24 hours more than 13,000 shirts had been pre-ordered. I mentioned that I wouldn’t be surprised if during the 2 weeks of pre-orders, more than 50,000 shirts would be ordered. Well, as the pre-order closes, she exceed the 50,000, and hit 56,809; that’s quite a few shirts.

Rousey has filed for a trademark on “Do Nothing Bitch” and “DNB”, so expect the cash cow to keep on giving. Also, Didi Hirsch will be pleased with the high volume of sales, as a portion of proceeds goes to help with their work in mental health services and for women with body image Issues.

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