Superior Combative Championships 10 Fight Card (Jul. 18, 2015)

Superior Combative Championships is back with SCC 10. SCC returns to the Galveston Convention Center July 18, with 10 scheduled fights.

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

155 – Luke Crawford (4oz) vs David Kelly (Fight Lab)

205 – CJ Hancock (4oz) vs Edward Gonzales (Fusion)

135 – Tony Nguyen (4oz) vs Robert Walker (Fusion)

HWY – Chris Mitchell (AFMA) vs Matt Reeves (Sol Combat)

117 – Eric Brazier (Ball None) vs Chase Eastham (PMA)

155 – Isaac Cruzado (ASGS) vs Kesler Jones (Bare Knuckle)

135 – Carlos Melara (Chute Boxe) vs Sergio Bautista (PMA)

205 – Casey Malik (AFMA) vs Tyler Marvel (Fusion)

170 – Chris Wiedau (Orr MMA) vs William Zavala (Fight Lab)

135 – Casey Jones (4oz) vs Donovan Carrasco (Athletic Lab)

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