UFC 188 Fight Night Talk: Storylines Outside The Main Event

Saturday night’s main event pins the two top heavyweights in the division against each other for the unified Heavyweight Championship. In the weeks leading up to this event, you have undoubtedly heard all angles of these two men’s story.  These storylines will peak your interest for other match ups on the card.

Everyone Hates Cathal?

Cathal Pendred burst onto the scene during TUF 19, showing flashes of potential before entering the octagon. Though talk of his attributes have been nothing but high praise, Pendred has not grabbed the attention of fans outside of Ireland. Due to lack of devastating finishes, fans do not flock to their tv’s when Pendred is fighting, but with a 3-0 record in the UFC, Cathal is another Irishmen that all fans should keep an eye on. If he can shake his “Uriah Hall Syndrome”, he could become a huge star.

Tecia Torres’ Road To Gold

Unlike the woman’s bantamweight division, the strawweight division is fairly new and untested. Without a clear, superior champion, the division is wide open for someone to take that Ronda Rousey role. Torres, who is undefeated at 5-0, is a strong athlete with top-notch striking. Possessing the skills to take this fight anywhere, she aims to show she is a threat to the throne.

Cejudo’s Menudo Boiling Over

Once thought to be disrespecting the sport with constant weight problems, a new surrounding and some new-found motivation, has seemingly vaulted Henry Cejudo into top Flyweight conversations.  With Olympic caliber wrestling, a skill possessed by most champions, and incredible quickness, Cejudo has his eyes set on UFC gold. After saying he believes he could beat both Demetrious Johnson and TJ Dillashaw, Henry Cejudo has a stage set to back those claims up.

Two Freight Trains On A Collusion Course

After years of throwing each other’s name in the hat, the world will finally get to see Gilbert Melendez vs Eddie Alvarez. A fight 5 years in the making, these two brawlers are set to be locked in a cage in front of thousands of Mexican fans. Judging by the stand and bang styles of both men, this co-main event figures to be a barn burner and a candidate for not only fight of the night, but fight of the year. With the amount of animosity between these two, this is going to be a must see fight, and a pivotal one for the lightweight division.

With all of these incredible fighters on the card, UFC 188 is looking to be one of the best cards of the year. You do not want to miss this one.

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  • I wish someone would of mention to chad Box that the guy he was fighting has only made weight for one of his fights.then maybe it would of been fair.chad lost all of that weight for a cheater.

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