Premier Fight Series 4 Recap

Premier Fight Series 4 took place this past weekend in Midland, TX, and if you like finishes, this was the place to be. Originally scheduled for 11 fights, one fight fell off at weigh-ins due to a fighter horribly missing weight.

The evening started off with two amateur fights. In the opening bout, Edgar Baeza made quick work of Jorddy Villegas. After Baeza slammed his opponent to the ground, he attempted several submissions, but couldn’t finish, so he decided punching Villegas in the face would be easier. Next, Chad Box and Peter Bouton would end in a doctor’s stoppage due to a nasty cut under Box’s eye. Going into the fight Bouton had a huge weight advantage, coming in seven pounds overweight. Box looked to get the fight to the ground early on, but Bouton was able to keep the fight on the feet. It was in the second round, it looked like an uppercut was what cut open Box’s eye, which led to the stoppage.

In the first pro fight of the night, Justin Davenport only needed 44-seconds to get the TKO win over John Clay. After his fight, he called his lady into the cage and proposed to her. His proposal lasted longer than the first two fights, his fight, and the following fight, combined. After the proposal, Omar Benjar made quick work of Daniel Sanchez. He immediately took him down, took mount, and when Sanchez gave up the back, locked in the RNC.

The one female fight of the night was Montana Stewart versus Roxanne Ceasear. Roxanne came out ready to drop the hammer on Stewart, but Stewart had another plan, to clinch. A lot of this fight took place in the clinch, and Stewart throwing knees. In the second round, the fight went to the ground, and Stewart locked in a tight Armbar and got the finish. Following that submission, would be a rear-naked choke. Antonio Jones and Derrick Beroit was another quick scrap. Beroit came out with a spinning back kick, which barely missed, but Antonio Jones caught Beroit and the kick, hoisted him in the air, and power bombed him to the mat. While trying to escape side control, Beroit would give up his back and his neck, and Jones would get the sub.

Xavier Siller and Mark Delarosa reminded me of an episode of Bully Beatdown. Mark got the takedown seconds into the fight, and Siller was never able to recover, and proceeded to get punched in the face. Then Paco Castillo decided to one up Delarosa, instead of getting a takedown, he drops a bomb on Tyler Pacheco’s face to get the fight to the ground. Castillo locked in an Americana from head arm control right in front of me, no clue to the damage of the arm. Pacheco tried to fight it, but the pain was too much. The co-main event had the hometown legend, it would seem, Luis Luna, taking on Zac Kelley. Luna seemed angry for some reason; I don’t think he smiled the entire weekend. He was able to get the fight to the ground and deliver some of the hardest shots I’ve heard land on a person’s head. The ref finally stepped in to save Kelley’s life.

In the main event, Desmond Hill and Mitchell Hale had a grueling fight, which was the only one to go to a decision. It was a back and forth fight, Hale controlled the clinch on the cage, but Hill was able to land some hard shots standing, and get the takedowns, which seemed to secure the win.

Fight Night Awards

Fight of the Night: Desmond Hill vs. Mitchell Hale

Submission of the Night: Paco Castillo

Knockout (TKO) of the Night: Luis Luna

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